Your experience of the design process is at the centre of our work

We’re excited to get to know more about the goals you have for your home! Through our detailed process and open collaboration with you, we’ll work together to create a space that’s beautiful inside and out.

01 onboarding
We believe that strong communication and collaboration are key to a successful project. Taking the time to get to know you and your vision is important to us. We outline expectations during this phase with a contract that keeps everyone’s best interests at heart. We’ll make the process simple, organized and enjoyable from concept to completion. We know you’ve put your trust in us, so every decision is made with your approval in complete transparency.
02 design
During this phase, we will bring together a comprehensive collection of all the architectural details, materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting, and accessories that will be required for your home. Through our comprehensive online platforms you are part of every step of the journey and have access behind the scenes to your project 24/7 to approve every item and service going into your project. This access provides you insight into all of our pricing structures, project timelines, trade allocation, and ultimately a birds eye view of how your home hits the completion date!
03 Procurement
& Project management
Once proposals have been approved, we take the reins and get the project into action. This phase of the project is our specialty. Managing potential timeline disturbances, ensuring all trades are well equipped with drawings and documentation to execute their craft, and aligning shipments and installations is an art much like keeping all the trolleys of a train on the track and moving toward the destination. This “behind the scenes” phase ultimately leads to a seamless installation.
04 Delivery
& Installation
Whether on an island or nestled into a city neighbourhood, this is the phase where we artfully bring everything together for you. It is the time where creativity, vision, and plenty of hard work transform into a beautifully executed space with every detail styled to perfection. Welcome home.

“Our process is ultimately driven by the relationship we build with you. Together as a team we welcome you into every facet of your project and encourage open lines of communication through all that we do” - Paige

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